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Saturday, January 29, 2011

Introductions are in order

A cadence can be many things.  

It can be a name.  It can be a chant used to keep time while marching.  It can be a song.  For me, it is all of these things.  Out of the 6,896,714,456 people in the world, 311,977,940 reside within the United States.  2,936,396 of those Americans serve in our Armed Forces with less than .05% of those being Marines.  Everyone has their personal perception of war.  To most, the word "war" evokes incredibly negative emotions and ideals: hate, fear, death, destruction. How you experience war (first hand, second hand, via media outlets or fiction) will color your view and therefore the feelings for which it brings. 

I am a wife to an incredible husband.  I am a mother a inspiring daughter.  I am a musician.  I am an entrepreneur.  I do not know a lot about anything, but know a little about everything.  I am a perfectionist. 

My purpose: to show you a different side of war.

My husband is one of those Marines, and I am a proud member of the silent ranks.  

This is my story.  

This is my cadence.